Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Number Game

Fellow Blogger D tagged me and here I am playing this fun number game:

ONE God the creator of all is what I believe in.

TWO or Class 2 is what I skipped completely and instead did Class 3 twice because of cross continent travel.

THREE is the number of times (minimum) I need to call my husband's name out loud before he actually hears me.

FOUR is the number of people who seriously proposed marriage to me. I say people because one was a woman who said she would marry me, if she was a man or had a different sexual orientation ;).

FIVE minutes is the maximum I can leave my 2 children alone...after that there is bound to be yelling, screaming,attempts to kill each other, or sometimes silence akin to the lull before the storm... it always means they are upto something,no good.

SIX is the number of languages I understand.

SEVEN is the number of years I have been cooking,cleaning, washing dishes and doing laundry, without any doemstic help, if you don't count hubby darling that is. This is the American lifestyle. Reality check to all those America hungry people out there.

EIGHT is a time which still reminds me of 'Chitrahaar' on DD.

NINE is the number of times(minimum again) the thought occurs to me during the day, everyday "what was I thinking when I decided that domesticity was the way to go for me". Just kidding. Not really.

TEN is the number of pounds I would be happy to lose.


D said...

You understand 6 languages? Whoa!

I like the tag :)

Chrysalis said...

Yes 6 languages: Hindi,English,Dogri (my mother tongue), Bengali, Punjabi and Bhojpuri(my MIL speaks that)
Will try to learn Maghi/Magadhi which my FIL speaks :)

Poonam J said...

D...u have put across the number game so well. Only I would not be able to say 3 to the number of times i need to call my times like these he has the excuse, that jet flying has made him hard of my mantra all day long is keep calling Joe, hoping like Lord Almighty..he might respond....Fun game indeed.

Chrysalis said...

Poonam J

I know what u are saying about husbands being hard of hearing ..if not that they definitely have selective hearing.

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL @ three :)
And 6 languages is cool!

But 5 is the best! I so understand!!!!

Chrysalis said...


Thanks for the visit. U understand 5, then u must be a mother to more than one kid. God Bless u. Stay strong sister.:)

Nisha said...

hey..came here through D's...and from this tag...i think u're sweet!!

Chrysalis said...

Hey Nisha,

Are you welcome or what.:) You called me sweet...its been ages someone called me that.

Piper .. said...

ha ha! what a fabulous read this was! #3 is hilarious! Something I can relate to! :):)

Chrysalis said...


Thanks. Yup number 3 is such a hit with all us wifeys.

rupa said...

Good one. I strongly agree with #3

Chrysalis said...


Thanks. Yes yes we all have no 3 in common :)