Saturday, October 25, 2008

My thoughts on the Mail

My do paisa on this:

Though I am no Sherlock Holmes I am guessing,this mail has definitely been composed by a Maharashtrian and in in all likelihood I would have agreed with this wholeheartedly if I was a domicile of the state of Maharashtra and a person who has been momentarily blinded and possessed by "Sons of the Soil" sentiment.

First of all the mail begins with a reference to the suicide of farmers in Maharashtra, which is also a common phenomenon in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.These farmers are cotton farmers and the reason for their suicides are government apathy, the absence of a safety net for farmers, and lack of access to information related to agriculture. The detailed report has been submitted by TISS, Mumbai, my Alma mater, as requested by Bombay High Court.

I am not investigating all the legal angles in this mail and am assuming they are true. What is interesting is that though this mail says that it is not justifying the violence, it also says and I quote, "But has there been any choice Left today ???" LOL. Sick.

I wonder if the composer of this mail ever heard of something called PIL (Public Interest Litigation?) If the law and the clauses therein are so discriminatory to one particular "Zone" why not fight it out legally, rather than beat up poor students form a poverty stricken and politically defunct state. Or is Maharshtra not a part of this country? As far as the question of bearing the burden of BIMARU states like Bihar, MP, UP, Orissa goes...what should one do? cut them off and not deal with them at all. Let the people get poorer there? Suicides in Maharshtra are terrible and death related to abject poverty in Bihar, Orissa, MP, not the problem of a person holding a Maharashtra Domicile Certificate. Or has that person owning the prized domicile forgotten that he is first an Indian and then a Maharashtrian?
(BTW Bihar/Magadh was the richest, most educationally advanced state some centuries back. Now the tables have turned and, one never knows when and how soon it will reclaim its lost glory).

College admissons and employment should happen based on merit and domicile certificate is what the mail suggests. How stupid is that? Coming from a state whose fortunes are based almost entirely on one city Mumbai and Mumbai's success based almost completely on Gujratis, The Ambanis, and Parsis, The Tatas ,who originally hail from Jamshedpur, which is in erstwhile Bihar and now a part of Jharkhand, the solution is hilarious. Or probably the author of this mail has never visited "outsider" unfriendly states like Bengal, which have hardly any big industries. Or the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is governed by the draconian Article 370 which prevents non state subject from owning land in J&K amongst other things. Well J&K is like one big ghost town , banking heavily on tourism alone. There are no businesses, industries and the young have left their hometowns to earn a livelihood.By stopping non state subjects to be a part of the infrastructure the worst affected are the state subjects themselves. Most of the Jammuites including me pray for a day when Article 370 will be removed, non state subjects be allowed in our state, new businesses, and employment generation will definitely follow.

If all the major industries and big businesses of Mumbai were sent back to their owners', state of origin , Maharashtra would be bankrupt today.Bollywood, which is such a big industry was started by the Kapoors, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Anands,Kamal Amrohi of the yesteryears and more recently dependent on Chopras, Barjatyas, Ghais, RG Vermas, Roshans, Bachhans.

I wonder what happens to the Central and private/deemed institutions and research centers which are amongst the cream of the nation like, TISS, IIT, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, TIFR(Tata Institute of Fundamental Research).

The composer of the mail never heard of give and you will get more. My advise to you Mr. Writer...look at the bigger picture and beyond your regional loyalties. There is very little difference between you and the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin who drove away the non Ugandans from his country. At least think of all the successful and happy Maharashtrians outside their home state many of them doing so well in the US and elsewhere. Are they not cheating locals of their jobs?

The last line of the mail actually makes me sick to the stomach and I quote again " Let them also be aware of the Situation that may happen to their Jobs as well". What is he trying to warn us of? There are not many jobs in Bihar, Orissa, MP etc.......lets see you fight for development, job creation, poverty eradication, in these states, which are very much a part of our country too.

"Sons of the Soil" merits an equally impassioned mail about and solely about the failed agrarian sector in Maharshtra which is pure in its Maharshtrian essence/fabric and has not been diluted or rather adulterated by the Marwaris, Gujratis, Parsis and the "Bhaiyyas". It would have actually done a lot good to the state and the Marathi Manoos.

Fight the unfairness in a law, do not challenge the nation state and threaten its unity.

Someone Sent me a Mail

Someone sent me a mail. And I am copy pasting it here because it is pertaining the Railway recruitment scandal, raj thackeray and the anti North Indian sentiment whipped up by him.

Sorry if u don't agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
A time will come in Maharashtra when, just like the Farmers in Maharashtra, the Graduate Youth of this State will Commit Suicide !!!!
This situation will arise because, All the Jobs in Maharashatra then, will be Occupied by Non- Maharashtrians. Non Maharashtrians here means not people from North India, South India, etc., But those People who are Not Domiciled In Maharashtra. Similar situation may happen to people of other states too.
Railway Recruitment Board aspirants are Brutally Beaten Up !!!
There is large scale Rioting in Bandra, Kalyan, etc !!!!
THINK. Why this Situation has come up ???
The Actual Truth is this :-

Since Independence India's States were formed on the Basis of the Local Languages. Logical. Since 1976, The employment criteria of the Central Recruitment Board was divided into zones as per the General People of India. This division was based on the Local Language of the States.
Zone-A Bihar, Haryana, HP, MP, Rajasthan, UP, Andaman, Delhi formed the Hindi Speaking Zone.
Zone-B Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab & Chandigad, the Non Hindi Speaking Zone.
Zone-C Southern India States like Kerala, Karnataka, etc. & North Eastern States like Assam, Mizoram, Bengal etc.
The Central Employment Rule said that 'All Exams for Employments in the respective Zones shall be Held in the Respective States Only.' So that the Local People may get the Jobs in their Home Town.

Very Logical. For 30 Years everything was going Fine.

But since 1987, there was a Minor Change in the Rule 9 Part 9.2.2, for Zone -B Jobs. And this was made a Rule since 1988. This change was that 'As an optional Language of employement, People of Zone-A can Apply for Jobs in Zone-B.' This opened up doors of Employement for All Zone-A aspirants in Zone-B areas.

But with this Clause there was a Sub-Clause, stating ' The Notice of Jobs in Zone-B areas for Zone-A aspirants, May be given in Zone-A Areas only.' Because of this, Recruitment Notices for Jobs in Maharashtra, etc. are Displayed Only in states like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, etc. But these Notices are Seldom displayed in Newspapers of Maharashtra, etc.

So this time, for the 3000 Railway Posts in Maharashtra, 12000 Aspirants came from Zone-A areas. The Result of this is that, the Un-employed of Maharashtra is Remaining Un-employed. This will surely lead to Suicides in Due Course.
Many Parties over these years Requested the Central Recruitment Board to Cancel this Clause. But this was Not done. The Result of this is, the Large Scale Beating Up and Rioting Today. This violent means is Not Correct. But has there been any choice Left today ???
This mail is Not to Justify Violence, but to show to you how some Politicians, by Modifying some Rules, have Subtly ensured that their Constituency people get Better Employements. Why should all these Politicians hold rallies in Maharashtra ???

Today many TCs, Booking Clerks, GRP, in the Mumbai Railways are from Zone-A areas. This is a Fact.

What Should Be Done ;- College Admissions and Employments should be Given on the Basis of 1)Merit & 2)Domicile Certificates.
Agreed, 10-15% Out of Maharashtra People may be Allowed. But First Think of the Sons of Soil. This should be applicable Not Only in Maharashtra, but also in other States.
Read and if you agree kindly Forward to Not Only Marathi People, But also to Non-Maharashtrians. Let them also be aware of the Situation that may happen to their Jobs as well.

My 2 cents follow in the next post.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laloo and Raj

In all fairness when I ranted and raved about Raj Thackeray yesterday, I was not completely aware of Laloo's role in the Railway Exams. Apparently the information about the upcoming exams was published only in local papers of Bihar. Hence Raj and his boys cried foul play and instead of bravely taking on the bull by its horns decided it was easier and more attention and headline grabbing to beat up the North Indians particularly unarmed and innocent UPites and Biharis.

I wonder what are the "Bhaiyas" from Jaunpur/Gorakhpur and remote poverty stricken places in Bihar who drive autos and taxis , guilty of? Many autos and taxis were attacked by the MNS bullies.

My do paisa on this: I wish RT was a true leader and brave enough to beat up Laloo. I am sure even the people of Bihar would have thanked him. I hope someone tells him that India is still a democracy and weas citizens of this country still bound by laws. And beating up innocent people and spreading hatred and regional intolerance is shameful.

Newsflash: Shiv Sena in an effort to keep up with this hate race is promising a "bigger movement" on the issue of unfair representation of Maharashtrians in the railways. Senior Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi said in the Rajya Sabha that the people in Maharashtra would not "tolerate" outsiders coming to the state.

"Outsiders will come (to Maharashtra). This will not go on," Joshi said sparking protests.

So the nautanki continues.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hail The Emerging Ku Klux Klan in India

I am still busy and finding it difficult to take out time and write. But I was just too furious to give this a pass.
The blue eyed boy of Mumbai or so he likes to think of himself has elicited such a reponse from me. I am talking of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray. He wins the "Fresh Face/ Best Newcomer" award for the Ku Klux Klan annual awards hands down.There were many contenders, in the race, Article 370, seperatists in Kashmir, Hate All Hindi Speaking Groups in Tamil Nadu, The countless Brahmin/ Rajput/Kayastha/Vaishya/etc etc etc Samaajs, Ranvir Sena, SIMI, Bajrang Dal,Khalistan Supporters, Osama lovers, Dot Busters in New Jersey who targeted Indians in the 1980's................................

But all of them and many more are yesterday's news. Today the buzz word is Raj Thackeray. And I guess this is what he wanted anyways. A spoilt child throwing temper tantrums to get some attention. Well the spoilt child more often than less breaks some expensive and precious items in the process. So Raj Thackeray, is determined to tear and mutilate the tolerant, all embracing,cosmopolitan nature of Mumbai. He is destroying the very essence of Mumbai. I think he missed the staple of our childhood: DD's beloved "Ek Titlee, Anek Titleeyaan"...the Anekta mein Ekta message.

He and his Maharashtra Navnirman Sena attacked and disrupted and brutally attacked North Indian Railway Exams and its North Indian candidates. Supposedly they were angry with unfair representation of 'locals' in the exam ..whatever that means..And yes freedom of expression has been stretched thin by Mr. Raj Thackeray and his party. Goondaraj at its best. Xenophobia at its best.

I wonder what this self procalaimed Messiah of the Maharashtrain People has to say about this:

1) Succesful Maharashtrains in the US of A. These Maharashtrians moved to the US for purely economic reasons. The wanted to make more money and had dreams of a better life. Beware my dear Maharashtrain friends who are outside Maharashtra for economic and other reasons. You have no right to make a honest living if it is outside Maharashtra according to RT's logic.

2) All the Maharashtrian actors like Madhuri Dixit, Nana Patekar, Sonali Bendre, Amol Palekar, Shreyas Talpade..............should be punished for working in Hindi movies, going by the same logic. They should have stuck to Marathi Theatre and films.

3) How dare the women of Maharashtra wear Salwar Kameez a traditional attire of North India. Its sacrilege. They should sweat it out in their 9 yard saris.

4) Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and other local parties should remain - that local. Please abort all nationalistic dreams. Local parties elsewhere are not given a fair chance when you open party offices in other states.

5) When there is an an external attack/ or God forbid natural calamity in Maharashtra, what should the CRPF, BSF and the Army do? Wait for RT to decide if the North Indian officers have the right to act in Maharashtra or will that too be seen as an anti- Maharashtra conspiracy.

Well RT you are not going far with this ideology. "Mla Marathi yet nai" should not become a crime however much you wish for it. The latest is that RT got arrested in Ratnagiri though he had threatened that Maharashtra will burn if he gets arrested. Shudder Shudder!!! All I have to say to you Mr. RT grow up and get a life or atleast a new political strategist.