Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laloo and Raj

In all fairness when I ranted and raved about Raj Thackeray yesterday, I was not completely aware of Laloo's role in the Railway Exams. Apparently the information about the upcoming exams was published only in local papers of Bihar. Hence Raj and his boys cried foul play and instead of bravely taking on the bull by its horns decided it was easier and more attention and headline grabbing to beat up the North Indians particularly unarmed and innocent UPites and Biharis.

I wonder what are the "Bhaiyas" from Jaunpur/Gorakhpur and remote poverty stricken places in Bihar who drive autos and taxis , guilty of? Many autos and taxis were attacked by the MNS bullies.

My do paisa on this: I wish RT was a true leader and brave enough to beat up Laloo. I am sure even the people of Bihar would have thanked him. I hope someone tells him that India is still a democracy and weas citizens of this country still bound by laws. And beating up innocent people and spreading hatred and regional intolerance is shameful.

Newsflash: Shiv Sena in an effort to keep up with this hate race is promising a "bigger movement" on the issue of unfair representation of Maharashtrians in the railways. Senior Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi said in the Rajya Sabha that the people in Maharashtra would not "tolerate" outsiders coming to the state.

"Outsiders will come (to Maharashtra). This will not go on," Joshi said sparking protests.

So the nautanki continues.


rupa said...

Hey this is news to me. True rather than attacking innocent people it is better one gunda fights the other.

How do we know said...

i agree.. Raj and Laloo shld have "do do haath" on this issue.

I was also wondering.. what were these ppl doing taking that exam in Maharashtra?? of all the places?

And why is there less representation of Marathis in this exam?

Questions to ponder...

Is India one country?? How else do we explain that some states keep contributing to little more than the population, and some states are made to bear the burden of some other states? Haryana and Punjab get rid of their girls and then import them from kerala.
Bihar and bengal have a lot of population to export to other parts of the country. Kerala only exports outside - to the Gulf.

Am I disgusted?