Thursday, July 4, 2013

All in the Line of Duty

My almost 9 year old: " I don't think A (lil sis) can watch the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Maybe I can, if I skip that 'bit' ".

Me like an animal who catches the first whiff of danger : " Why what is that 'bit' "?

After a lot of stuttering and stammering  and searching for appropriate words,the almost 9 year old: " In that movie everybody has become very, very old and so they kiss or something"

Me with alarm bells ringing in my head but maintaining composure " How old is very , very old"?

The almost 9 year old: " 14-15"

Me in a panic now: "  'They' do it at 14-15 maybe, but we Indians don't.
Indians do 'all that' at 30".

The almost 9 year old and yet gullible : " Okay..yes".

Me who doesn't know when to let it go shouting after the departing boy: " And Indians do 'all that' after they finish studying, find a good job and marry...."

The almost 9 year old and already disinterested : "I know, I know at 30".

Satyam Vada/ Speak the Truth, has taken a beating today....all in the line of duty. Sigh.