Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rise Jammu Rise

Any parent will tell you that if a child is not reprimanded, corrected and if the need be punished or as it is fashionably known given time out for bad behavior, he/she will continue to make the same mistake. In fact the absence of timely correction will lead to an emboldened and impudent child who will continue to do the forbidden act time and again.

Well so what does the parent, read Central Govt. do when the child i.e. the Kashmiri leadership and the people are naughty? The naughty deed being the political parties from the valley threatening to march to Muzaffarbad a town in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to sell their fruits. And this is not anything new. Threats of aligning to Pakistan is commonplace. It is either this or an act of terrorism. So again how does the Center react to this? The Center says please do not walk to Muzzafarabad and further gives them candy to pacify them. The candy being compensation for the economic losses they had to'suffer'

What does it do with the other child Jammu who is asking for some well deserved rights? It is trying to placate it by promises of candy in the future. Promises it has no plans to fulfill.

Undoubtedly very bad parenting. Unfair comparisons and treatment between two siblings will have bad consequences. The unfortunate of the two siblings will be psychologically scarred for life and its spirit be crushed.

So let the false promises not fool you. Let it not crush your spirit. You are in the right, Jammu, so stand up for yourself. Krishna Neeti says if someone slaps you and tries to do it again you have to stop him. And stop him you will.

Rise Jammu Rise!!!!


Bodhimanish said...

One must find a solution through dialogue, . Writing such piece is result of pure emotion and instigation, one must not forget the dangerous implication of such appeal. It sounds powerful however one must follow the democratic politics of give and take here. Violence will hurt both community,

Sitting in a glass house and instigating could be considered as an act of timidity.

Okay child were treated badly but adult must behave accordingly though off course politics is more dangerous and complex thing to apply this analogy............

Chrysalis said...
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Chrysalis said...

I totally admit this blog does not have the eye of a cool observor, the objectivity of one. This post has been written by a person from the region. But when I ask the jammu region to raise their voice I do not mean the hindus from the region alone.Jammuites also consist of Dogra/Pahari Muslims, Muslim gujjars and Bakkerwaals. My post is regional in nature as opposed to communal.And I do believe in dialogue and am waiting for a sincere and honest one for the last 40 days.

Piper .. said...

I`m afraid I dont quite agree Chrysalis. For starters, how do you really know what the people of Jammu want. From all the previous posts as well as this, here is what I think you have concluded - that the people of Kashmir are pro-pak while the Jammuites are supposedly pre-india. I do not agree. Simply do not. I have seen several instances in the 3 years I have spent in Jammu region (Mendar(poonch), Narian, Rajouri,Nowshera, and other places in and around Poonch and Rajjouri.
There is marked antagonism against the indian army. Marked antagonism against indian govt.And very pro-active anti-indian sentiments. Who decides what the people of Jammu want?