Friday, August 8, 2008


Jammu and Ladakh have been paying the price for a very long time. Price for what you ask? The price to show that everything is ‘fine’ in the state. Price to reign in the separatist sentiments in the valley. To appease the Kashmiri in the valley who like a spoilt pampered child threatens to align with Pakistan every time it gets a slap on the wrist for doing something ‘naughty’, read sheltering and harboring anti India sentiments, terrorists, driving away the Kashmiri Pandits from the valley etc etc etc.
Funds, jobs, businesses, tourism, seats in academic institutions and so on and so forth have been directed towards the valley barely passing through and more or less bypassing the Jammu and Ladakh region. The Center has been a silent spectator and rather has been an active participant.

Everytime something which is in the larger national interests is done in the valley it threatens Kashmiriyat and the Muslim sentiments. It is a ploy to abuse their privileged position. In bargain the people of the Jammu and Ladakh region have had to suffer in silence. They have lost their identity and have no voice at all. This is a price for being patriotic. The strike in Jammu has entered its 40th day and the curfew its 17th day. There has been police brutality and excesses despite of which the protestors have been chanting Jai Bharat Mata ki/Indian Army Zindabad.
As opposed to this there have been pro-freedom,pro-pakistan and anti –govt. slogans in the valley. The political leaders from Kashmir like Farooq Abdullah an have said he would have to visit his father Sheikh Abdullah's grave and ask whether staying on in India after Partition had been the right decision. "A time has come when I could require a visa to visit Jammu," he said. Mehbooba's speech was no less high-pitched as she said the blockade resulting from the Jammu stir could result in the Valley "looking to the road to Muzzaffarabad (PoK)".
The highly political speeches by PDP and NC leaders, who while catering to the hardline sentiment were also competing to "represent" the Valley, only brought out the divide over the Amarnath controversy. (

The Muslims of Jammu Region which comprises of the following districts: Kathua, Samba, Udhampur, Reasi, Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Ramban, and Kishtwar are supporting the agitation in Jammu. It is political mischief which is inspiring comments from Kashmiri leaders that they want to ensure protection for the Muslims in Jammu. The Muslims and Hindus in Jammu are united.
The issue is not communal. It reflects regional antagonism yes, due to lopsided and unfair governance.The Amarnath row was just a breaking point. The Jammuites want to be heard now. Enough is enough.

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Piper .. said...

i cant help being a lil surprised by what you write here. I distinctly remember facing a very anti-military/anti-hindu attitude in a muslim majority place like Rajouri. Small children aged anywhere b/w 5-10 years have hurled stones,bottles etc at me and some other colleagues of mine and our army vehicles, right in the centre of the market place. They apparantly want the army out of there. I for one am a lil confused here. The issue isnt communal, I know. But what do the people of Jammu want? If the hindus and muslims of Jammu(not talking abt the valley at all) are apparantly united, what do these people want yaar? Why such antagonism against the Indian Army? I for one,strongly believe that it is solely becos of the army that the people there still breathe in free air. I cant fathom the amount of turmoil that would follow,if the army backs out of Jammu region. Want to know your opinion on this.