Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jammu Vs. Kashmir The Battle Continues...

Jammu entered into the 26th day of Bandh and 49th day of agitation in response to a call given by Shri Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti (SAYSS) demanding restoration of 800 kanals land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB).

In the valley on the other hand the chairmen of parallel factions of Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Sunday said that the resistance struggle will continue and asked people to gather on Monday and a procession would be taken out heading towards Sonawar to submit a memorandum at the United Nations Military Observers (UNMO) office. The Hurriyat’s Coordination Committee also said there will be no strike from Tuesday to Thursday.

The SAYSS has said that it is open for talks if the center has concrete plans. The first all party delegation which came to Jammu to they allege was not serious about resolving the issue. The Sangharsh Samiti has alleged that Amar Singh was sleeping through the meeting.The convenor of the Samiti has said thatthey are open for a 'middle path' if it comes form the government.

The whole scenario is gradually but inevitably taking a communal tone.Some Gujjar khullas or huts wre burnt.The Samiti alleges these khullas were empty as the Gujjars are a nomadic tribe and move to the mountains in summer. The Kashmiri Muslims of the valley have claimed beating up of Kashmiri truck drivers in Jammu by hindu fundamentalists. It has resulted in the death of one driver.

2000 semi and unskilled laborers have left the valley under the threat of severe repercussions by militants and locals. These laborers were mostly from Bihar and Jharkhand.

The Center, Congress and the UPA meanwhile is still bungling along. The blame of worsening conditions is in large part due to the ineptness shown by the Centarl goverment. Some of the glaring mistakes were :
a)It took the Center 40 days of agitation in the Jammu region which was preceded by violent protests in the valley to take note of the problem.
b)The whole issue of "economic blockade" was being politicised and blown out of proportion. There was a bandh in Jammu and the highway was affected too. There was a call of blocking the highway to Srinagar. The government took time in taking help of the army to clear the highway. The highway was cleared within a day or two but no efforts were made to dipel the notion that the 'blockade' had been lifted.
c) If there was and is a shortage of essental commodities they could have been airlifted to the valley.
d) The seriousness of the crisis has still been not appreciated by the government beacuse there is no direct involvement of the Prime Minister as yet.

So while the Center sleepwalks through the issue parties like BJP, PDP, NC are playing the game of votebank politics and hoping to piggyback happily to the upcoming elections in 2009. The seperatist leaders in the valley and the communal forces elsewhere are having the last laugh.

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gourav said...

Hi , great pleasure to see your deep involvement with the crisis back home. I came across your profile on orkut which directed to your blog. Your writings have been very articulate. I am from Jammu and I have been appalled by the lack of knowledge among people regarding the Amarnath issue. More distressing is the propaganda and the misinformation campaign being carried out by the UPA government. I read your blog and I just want to put forth my view on why this problem was created.

PDP needed a plight on which they can get out of the govt as elections were approaching. so they spread the news to the agitating ignorants in Kashmir that India plans to settle a hindu colony in Kashmir which itself is deplorable since it demonstrated the religious intolerance in Kashmir especially after violently driving out lakhs of hindus out of Kashmir. They Congress colluded fully with PDP.

This is where I smell a rat. Congress needed votes to save UPA govt. in the Center so they did a deal with PDP and NC and revoked the land transfer so that these parties can save face in Kashmir in lieu of the precious three votes from the valley. The real culprit is the congress party which sold out our constitutional right to equality and secular pillars of our country. Our traitors from Jammu told the high command that they will handle the situation in Jammu but they forgot that this time people are not fighting for themselves(No protester from Jammu is going to live at the concerned land) but they are fighting for their religion as well as national pride.

About 40 poor people have died in both regions of J&K. But I see the smiles on the face of Miss Muft and other leaders from the congress on the TV. These politicians might win the next election but they are forgetting that it is their children who are going to live in this country and ours too.....

The TRP obsessed, money minting machine called secular media has collectively shunned the responsibility of bringing out facts to the people. Investigative journalism has been thrown into the garbage and everybody is busy promoting their own ideology even if it comes at the cost of dividing our nation. Politicians do the mudslinging, but the state of affairs becomes really pathetic when media is busy in mud slinging..

Forgive me if I have been venting out too much anger but I would like to request you to join the community at orkut- "Shri Amarnath- join the protest". I have been asking one and all to join the community so that people get to know the perspective from our side.
I feel proud even if I can inform a few people of what is going on in Jammu. If each of us succeed in doing this with a few of our friends, it will be our contribution to the Sangharsh.