Friday, August 8, 2008

No Brainers

When the Kashmiri separatists oppose transfer of land to the shrine board it is not considered communal. As soon as the Jammuites demand revocation of the transfer of land the problem becomes communal?

The Kashmiris from the valley fear demographical changes if the land is leased out to the shrine board. The shrine board would be setting up temporary structures for a period of 2 months in a year in an area which is remote and not really conducive for permanent settlements. In 1989 7 lakh plus Kashmiri pandits were forced to leave the valley. Will that not be counted as a change in demograpghy?

Farooq Abdullah has threatened to leave the country. Mehbooba Syed said all this is driving them towards Muzzfarabad in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). Farooq Abdullah has questioned his father Sheikh Abdullah's wisdom in acceding to India. Are these kind of statements not anti-national?

India cannot afford another partition but the voice in Kashmir is anti-India. Though it becomes even more necessary to win them over it cannot be done at the cost of the people of Jammu and Ladakh.

Some facts:
1. Area: Kashmir:15948 Jammu:26293
2. Govt(Revenue): Kashmir:20% Jammu:75%
3. Voter: Kashmir:2288395 Jammu:3059986
4. Assembly Seats: Kashmir:46 Jammu:37
5. Lok Sabha Seats: Kashmir:3 Jammu:2
6. Cabinet Ministers: Kashmir:14 Jammu:5
7. Unemployment: Kashmir:29% Jammu:70%

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