Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Land where the Sun Shines Mildly"...Kalhan

Kalhan,Kashyap,and Kalidas would not recognize (in the year 2009), the land they wrote so lovingly and beautifully about. A land torn with strife, wracked with pain and guilt, defenceless against death and violence. A land which was the birthplace of Shaivism and a favorite with the greatest Sanskrit scholars of the time is drooping with pessimism. A land famously known for it Sufi traditions, a rich fabric of interwoven faiths today would be shamed even by its own shadow.

A people exiled, a people at war, a people trying to find a voice of their own....the Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims, the Dogras and the Ladakhis.

The state and its people stand man's terrorist is the other man's freedom fighter. Wars have been waged at its frontiers, and the war within has gone on for too long.

Bharat Mata ki Jai clashes with Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan and Ragda Ragda ( a war cry that was invented by the separatist elements last year, to be shouted while stomping on the Tricolor). Is it the same state I ask where at the border 10 years back the cry of 'Dil Maange More' became famous? But then the Nation almost forgot that war too.

The cries of Muzzafarabad Chalo last year were deafening, as is the silence on that route today. No fruits being traded through that route. So what was the drama about?
The Poonch-Rawalkote trade route which is used more by the Dogra traders is also losing its pace because of a fear of money being blocked in the barter system of the trade.

The Shopian case caused a furore and rightly so but is the silence over the killing of a 3 year old by the terrorists not telling? Human Rights have been taken for a toss in some very obvious ways. Then there are lesser heard of stories which also speak of loss of rights and dignity.

We can always rely on the politicians to amp up the levels of disturbance when they seem to wane. Amarnath Issue was nothing more than a malicious gossip (to achieve a specific purpose) taken way out of proportion and given such a color that the country at large still is not sure what it was all about. When our claim to the Title of The Most Disturbed State seems threatened the politicians (State and National) pitch in to defend the title. After all considering the amount of money being poured into the state, a lot is at stake.

From the Jammu region the demand for a separate Assembly has arisen. The Jammuites are tired of the Bandhs and the lack of development in the sate which is driving their young away. The valley to them it seems has gotten used to the strikes and minimal working days. The state exchequer is burdened but the people are guilt free for drawing salaries for almost no work. The whispers for a separate State - Duggar Pradesh are also picking up volume.

When the Kashmir issue is discussed at any forum we wait with baited breath for a Solution. Sometime back I believed that the end was in sight. But as of today I know its not coming soon... if it all it is coming.

I have grown up hearing stories of valour and peace. I have grown up seeing the beauty of its people and its geography. Last year during the Amarnath issue I as a Dogra understood what it feels like to scream and yet not be heard.
I got to know many Kashmiri Pandits ...angry, hurting and seeking revenge.
I also got a chance to interact with many Kashmiri Muslim youth in particular I fought with, argued, and debated with for hours. I finally befriended him. He is like a brother today (the rakhee has been duly sent to Baramulla) and we discuss spirituality. We avoid discussing his much desired Azadi and my love for an integrated India. Much in common yet a fundamental difference.

What unites us is our mutual respect for faith,intertwining cultures,love for the people and the land and prayers for peace.

We have also agreed upon one thing...Victory to the Righteous...words not spoken but implied. I only wish that this 'game' ends before leading to another 'Dharmyuddh'.


BK Chowla said...

I must agree that it is a well researched write-up.
In my opinion,the foundation of the problems was laid by Nehru the day states were divided on linguistic basis.Subsequently,the politicians have used states,language,religion,caste as the most explosive tool to get votes because for them the life begins and ends with vote/power.Not being fully satisfied,they all started minority appeasement programmes.No Govt has ever considered Kashmir pundits worth being taking care of as they keep rotting in camps.Govt is interested only in states that can bring them to power and play caste and appeasement games in other states to keep the pot boiling.Unless,we the people,have and raise a voice,it will only get worse.We must understand,we have everything to lose and the politicians have nothing to lose.

Vinod_Sharma said...

These touching words could only have flown from the pen of someone who has lived the joys, pains, the many failures and the few successes that Jammu and its separate yet inseparable twin has faced in the last 60 odd years.

At the height of the Amarnath agitation, I had written two posts that may touch a chord.

manju said...

Chrysalis, I can only imagine the anguish you and fellow Kashmiris must be experiencing at the situation there.

Very touching but disturbing post.

Anonymous said...

Having lived in the Southern part of India, I cannot understand fully as to what is exactly going on there, but your post did bring in a feel. Well written.

Destination Infinity

Chrysalis said...

Chowla ji: I agree with you. My people are no fan of Nehru. And if you think that the Kashmiri Pandits have suffered , I must tell you that the Dogras and the Ladkahis have become faceless and voiceless. The Kashmiri Pandits have been given quotas in Engg. and Medical colleges, the Ladakhis get it on the basis of Tribal status and other things of that nature. Though I do not believe in reservation but wanted to illustrate how my people the Dogras have become invisible.

Vinod ji : I just finished reading both your posts. They are both brilliant and tell the truth. I think you are the one of the very few who understands what really is happening in Jammu and Kashmir. You are so right in saying that it was Pir Panjal which prevented a blood bath. But I am happy for the Amarnath Issue because it has awakened the Dogras. Though we are still sorely lacking in leadership and vision...but the alarm has gone off and we are now awake. I am so happy to have found a supporter or atleast someone who 'gets us' in you.

Chrysalis said...

Manju ji: Thanks and yes it is a surce of great frustration and pain. The Article 370is so draconian and hurts the Indians in my state. The seperatists who want Azadi or merger with Pakistan are holding us all ransom.
Did you know thatI lose all right to property as a woman if I marry a non-state subject. I so badly want that article 370 scrapped.

DI: Do find out more what is happening in J&K. It is the biggest threat to our National Security and we will very soon have to satnd together as Indians to protect our interests. I would suggest you read the posts mentioned by Vinod ji. They are great posts and also you could look up in my archives(if u have the time :) ) to read about the history of the state.

Anrosh said...

i don't know about the specific communities in Kashmir and its surroundings. In the above link I have written a real incident that happened to my friend's parents. this was the third generation living near kashmir and they are sikhs and she told me this on the phone.

another girl who studied with me, a kashmiri pundit whose house went to the ruins and who had escaped overnight ( some call given by the muslim priests ) couldn't stand nehru and the congress ding shing.

when we sat for group study my friend blurted out all these and more. well, that day there was no study!

i think all across india the voice of kashmir is heard - but the govt does not take heed because they are faceless, poor people - more at the above link.

Power to the people is what democracy is all about. but demockracy ( i didn't coin it but krishna aradhi did i guess) in india starts and stops at election.

breaking free of nehru is an interesting book. i have it as a link on my site under the label library

Chrysalis said...

The only thing that unites all the communities rom the sate is their dislike for Nehru. Rest its all very complicated...many layers...
Voices form Kashmir are heard but the wrong voices I am afraid. People in the vallye....some are very very rich because of the inflow of funds...don't even have to work for it since Bandhs/Strikes are almost an everyday phenomenon.
ANyways will definitely look up the book you suggest.

AnjuGandhi said...

thanx for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.
as i could not post my views on ur mail account , I am replying to you on my post. do read it

Chrysalis said...

Anju ji : Will certainly do. In fact was writing a post on Kanyadaan...:)

AnjuGandhi said...

Sorry, actually I had started answering and then couldn't post it that is why you could not find my answer. will do it today. and let you know

Amit said...

I just got the book "My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir" by Jagmohan. I hope that it'll shed some light on the issue of Kashmir.