Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Thank You Note

Ever since I started blogging inspired by schoolmate and a brilliant writer Piper and the state of turmoil my home state J&K was this time around last year...its been a joy ride. I enjoy writing and see it as a release.I love to write about what really touches me the most. As I have said earlier it is also my way of leaving a legacy behind for my kids ...a way for them to know their mom better.

In the weekly lectures I attend, I am learning about the meaning of shloks from Ishavasya Upanishad. The particular mantra that is being dealt with talks about people who do 'sat karya and karm after gyaan without any desire for material or spiritual gains. They simply do it. Easier said than done. So me a mere mortal has my reasons for blogging, none of them for the Blog awards doing the rounds in blogosphere. BUT hey! its always a pleasure receiving them. My first was from Piper...not surprising since she has always been very encouraging and my only reader for many months :)
And today D has bestowed upon me besides a host of others and very generously so a few more of the not expected but always welcome awards.One for just being on her blogroll I Love Your no sweat at all for this one. Another for commenting Lovely Blogger but then I have an opinion on everything and its a pleasure to read her posts. These 2 are more love than awards and "back at ya" D :)
The award is for Blogging With a Purpose. And I appreciate it. Purpose or no Purpose the child in me delights at these pretty little attachments on the left side column of my blog.

I also must mention Bianca here who wrote a sweet note of appreciation. She is a mommy and the post on To Work or Not to Work struck a chord with her. Feed backs and personal stories make it more thank you Bianca.

For me, Blogging has lead to a lot of gain and some pain. Also it has given me another sense of purpose. Not undermining the sense of purpose behind being a wife and mom...the hubby and the babies might not say it but I know I am an indispensable asset around here :)
I blog when the house sleeps (read the babies) which is waaaaaay past midnight and hence have to drag myself out of the bed early in the morning when my over energetic twosome make it their mission to wake me up.Getting up late lead to many missed sessions in the Gym which leads to the Gain-Pain saga...

1. GAIN: 10 lbs. and the exalted company of fellow bloggers and some blogosphere awards... so much more welcome than the excess pounds.

2. PAIN : The berry+flaxseed smoothie I gulp down now every night instead of baingan ka bharta and roti to lose the pounds I gained :(

I would love to pass on these awards but as hard pressed I am for time being a full time mommy with no help(America! my friends can be a lot of pain) I am not able to read as many blogs as I would like to.
I cannot dare give awards to Manju ji, Vinod ji, Poonam ji and Shantanu ji whose blogs I love. Piper was my inspiration so needless to say love the way she writes. I immensely enjoy reading D, Indyeah, IHM, Smitha, Rang Decor and all those on my blogroll. Feedbacks from all of you mean a lot to me especially Amrita,Sara, Renu ji, Manju ji, Vinod ji, Anrosh, Kislay, Ashwadhy,Destination Infinity,Nisha,Rupa.

I would like to give the Award of Blogging with a Purpose to Kislay and Child of Adam.They really make me think and I love the way they write. Please copy paste the award from my blog and put it up on yours if you care enough. Either which way is fine...I think both of you are brilliant though would like to see more from you Child of Adam.

Thanks D for the pat on the back. Thanks... all you people mentioned and missed( forgive an overworked-underpaid no make that unpaid mommy) much.


D said...

Hey, you're always welcome! It's a pleasure to know a blogger like you. And thank you for giving me back the love :)

Amrita said...

You write tooo swell!

Anonymous said...

You so deserve the awards! I love the way you write and the issues that you take up. They are always so thought provoking and brave. And I just realised that I missed your last post! I am so so backlogged on reading posts! Heading there right away.

And thanks so much for the mention - I am honoured that you like reading my blog :)

Ashwadhy said...

'Blogging with a purpose!' Now thats was meant for you, you do write with passion and on causes so close to most people. All the best and keep it comming. Am really glad that I met you. And once again, I truly enjoy reading your thoughts.

Kislay said...

Thank you Ma'm . :) Blogging with a purpose ? I am overwhelmed . And I must say , I am very glad I discovered your blog .

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Chyrsalis! :)

I started reading the post and was absolutely amazed to see my name too:)))

its hard to describe how delighted I felt:))

it truly felt great to know that you like my blog:)

I always read your posts you know...sometimes I simply sit and read the comments and try to understand what it all means..(like the post of yours on moms)
coz since I am not a mom yet:) I am not qualified to comment but I can always read right?:)))

As I have said earlier it is also my way of leaving a legacy behind for my kids ...a way for them to know their mom better.
I love this reason most of all:)

thank you once again Chrysalis :))

Piper .. said...

:) Thank you Chrysalis! You`re being too kind, I dunno if I deserve all the great things you always write about me! :):) But needless to say, You just made my day!
(Ha! That`s a rhyme! You brought out the poet in me!)

Chrysalis said...

D: Thank YOU!

Amrita: You are very kind. Thanks.

Smitha: Yes I do like reading your blog. And thank you so much.

Ashwadhy: Thanks friend. I like the way you write too. I need to be visiting your blog more often...I enjoy the way you write

Kislay: All of 25 and already such a deep person. You deserve the award.

Indyeah: You come out as such a sweet, wise and restrained(in the good way) person. Love your posts.Thanks.Hugs.

Piper: You deserve all that I say
Do remember that everyday!!!

(Wouldn't Mrs. Bannerjee be proud of us poets LOL)

Child Of Adam said...

Hey... just went thru the post.. and thnks a lot for the award.. :) Sniff Sniff.. NOBODY APPRECIATED MY TALENT BEFORE.. he he he... thanks man. means a lot.. been busy.. trying to clear my papers.. :) will surely get back to blogging by August..
Lotsa love and sincerest thanks..

Child Of Adam said...

btw.. even Im 25, though I look like a 121 yr old... he he.. write goo things abt me too.. he he...

Chrysalis said...

Child of Adam: LOL 121 yrs old. I actually thought you were the same age as Kislay. I am a smart woman:) And yes all of 25 and such a deep person :)Love the way u write looking forward to more posts from you August onwards. All the best with your papers. You earned the award.

manju said...

Congratulations, Chrysalis, on these awards. You deserve them and more! It is always a joy to read your posts.

Thank you so much for the words of appreciation re: my blog. I am honoured.

Kislay, of course, certainly deserves the award you have given him. Congrats, Kislay.

Child of Adam's blog I have not yet read, I will make it a point to do so now.Congrats to him, too.

Sorry for being so late commenting here, but I have not been online for a few days.

Kislay said...

Do you know that Child of Adam and I are college friends ? :)

Thank you . :)

Chrysalis said...

Manju Ji: Thank you so much. I was aware you were on a 2 week break form blogosphere. Good to see u back.

Kislay: I had deduced from the nature of exchanges between the two of you some sort of yaraan had to be college buddies is it? Enng College?

rupa said...

Hey, you definately deserve all the awards & love you get from your fellow blogger's. I always admire you for all that time you take out to write such good blogs. I always make it a point to check on your blog's every now & then. I must have missed commenting on some of them, but you know you all always awsome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, I too look forward to reading this blog. BTW, why don't you write on the vedic things that you learn too? We would like to know about them.

Destination Infinity

Kislay said...

Yes Ma'm . The two us were in the same batch of MIT Manipal . :)

Child Of Adam said...

@ Kislay and chrysalis

Liar is what Kislay is... I was his teacher and he was my student in college... :P

Chrysalis said...

Kislay: Oh ok

Child of Adam: yes funny guy I am sure....hows studying for the papers going? And what papers are they?

Anonymous said...

knock knock! no new post??:)

Chrysalis said...

Indyeah: Hehe coming soon...blame it on the short summer here...and moreover dad is visiting us..our last some months in the US