Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kripya Prateeksha Karien

Some of you have been curious about "De Militarize Civilian Kashmir" on my Orkut profile. Well if truth be told the addition of that by-line/statement/one liner/whatever is the emotional, humanist me. I have been asked questions about it...questions filled with curiosity, accusation, betrayal, surprise, anger too. Admittedly there have been some heart felt thank yous and good job's too. Reactions varying in nature and in intensity.

But the explanation for it is where this article's title comes in...Kripya Prateeksha Karien..:) You will have to hang on for the revelation :)
I am not guilty of trying to build up the mystery but am simply pressed for time.

I have too many things on my plate these days and I am at that point in my life that I ask myself the following questions everyday...

1) What was I thinking???????

2) What day is it today? At least 3 times in one day.

3) When did I last comb my hair? I mean really run a comb starting from my roots to the end of the hair shafts.I know that is how one combs but if you have long hair and have been really busy at any point in your life you know what it is to comb on such days...gather all your hair up and tie it in a fashionably messy bun/knot high up on your head. I am convinced, this hairdo is deservedly called 'fashionably messy/sexy bedroom hair' and really I am too busy to even consider or care about a different opinion.

4) I have driven and then suddenly jolted into a state of high alert when I realize I drove for the last 10 minutes not really knowing where I was driving to.

5) I have been guiltily and not so guiltily and frequently popping miniature Hershey kisses..a sign that I am under stress.

6) I have been writing dry one liners in response to some of my dear friends long mails...I am so sorry, I promise I will make up to you guys. And for those dear dear friends, whom I should be calling..please dont give up on me. The phone will ring ..sometime...soon..

So hang on, I will land soon enough. To all those who have praised me for my multi tasking, muaaah, I love you all and your words keep me going. And for all those "I told you so's" and tsks tsks on my insane schedule...drop it ..I will never learn and never change. I am a moth driven to the flame. This flame of intellectual stimulation and challenging myself to the point where it can also get mentally and physically challenging.

But this moth would die without this flight to this flame.

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