Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diwali Saga in our Household

Diyas lighted for the Puja

Kitchen : Weekly Message Board ..Diwali Special
The NYC Taxi an ode to 7 years spent in the NJ/NY area of USA

Our Dining Area...tiny..typical of a London flat. Golden Diya cut outs
pasted on the wall!


Corner Table...Silver and Brass

A Tea Light Holder which goes with the Indian Decor of my
Living Area

An attempt at Rangoli...a variation on the imprint of Goddess
Laxmi's Feet

Puja Prep with Son's Diwali Craft as the backdrop

Art Work done at school by my son adorning the Fridge

Wish had paid more attention in the craft classes at school..
attempts to make the entrance festive :)


Patricia Torres said...

oh my gosh.. what a gorgeous house hold.. Looks like you guys had lots of lights sparkling for Diwali..

Thanks for joining the Weekend party... :-)

Pranab said...

The pictures are really good. I wonder if its the camera or the person behind it :) or a mix of both that the pics taken in dim light look the best and btw which is that book under DOI.

Amrita said...

you seem to have had a wonderful diwali!!! its no doubt different being so far from home...

Chrysalis said...

@Patricia : Thanks...diff to work around a tiny, fully furnished apartment...and I moved to London just some months back but I tried :)
I want to congratulate u on the novel concept of weekend wrap...its fantastic, irresistable and fun!

Pranab: Thanks Pranab. The camera and the photographer (Me) weren't too bad but yes dim lights creates a special ambience.
The book under DOI is Feluda by Satayjit Ray...i even have some Dogri Shirazas :)
How have u been? Mail me an update and if u ever bother to join FB look me up :)

Amrita: Yes Diwali was as good as it gets sans family. And moreover I just moved here some months back and feel blessed I made enough acquaintences and friends to clebrate this joyous festival with :)
How was your Diwali?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort at celebrating Diwali the traditional way :-) Btw, where do you live in London? Would be fun to meet up :-)

Chrysalis said...

@writerzblock : Thanks :) U know I was remembering that u r in London. I am in the total desi area of Hounslow. would love to meet up :)

D said...

This may not be Art and Craft class A grade, but it's heartwarming.

Chrysalis said...

D: Thanks. Love ur comment :) Craft has always been "shudder shudder ugh" for me..but the human potential is limitless I guess LOL!