Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Reason Why I Believe in God

Amother Reason Why I Believe in God...........

Not that I personally need any reminding and reasons to believe in God. I thought that in a world where agnosticism is in vogue maybe the above pictures may bring about a change of heart in a die hard non-believer or two :)
For me the fact that I get up every morning and still remember who I am, the fact that the entire mechanism of eating, digesting, filtering out toxins happens, the fact that my Gynaecologist admitted that there are only so many things they know for sure about conception and delivery is enough to reiterate my faith in a Supreme Being. P.S there are many more better reasons too, but this will have to do for the time being :)

The changing seasons only add to my awe of the creator.I have just come back from a trip to the New England region of USA and I have been suitably spell bound by the work of the Master Artist. The yellows, burned orange, reds are the colors favored by God this month. I thanked god and praised his artistry as I breathed in the crisp, chilly air and took in the splashes of color on the once green landscape. I am no poet and it will probably take poetry to describe what I saw. I am no Pandit Jagannath who in 'Gangalahiri' took poetry to new heights and did justice to the beauty and meaning of the River Ganga.

Anyways so I took the easy way out and am letting the pictures do the talking. I see miracles everyday,around me.What you see in the pictures is what I consider a Miracle !!!


BK Chowla said...

A stage comes in every one's life when there comes an awareness of the presence of the Almighty.
To you it seems to have come early in are lucky.

Renu said...

I have always believed in Him. and this faith is what makes me live.

manju said...

Lovely pictures, Chrysalis!

I'm with you on this, though I do find it tiring to justify my beliefs to people who frequently have closed minds.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Fall foliage!

We went last weekend to a lake here to see fall colors. It is still changing. I love the season for its colors.

Chrysalis said...

Chowla Sir: Yes I am lucky ..I know of God and feel touched by God.

Renu ji : Faith keeps me strong, happy and at peace too.

Manju ji : Thank You Manju ji most of the pictures were taken by me and a couple of them by hubby dearest. Justifying my faith is exhausting indeed.

mesoliloqy: Me love this season too :)

Anonymous said...

That's one reason I cannot digest the "Theory of evolution" as proposed by some scientist... Things cannot form on their own with such precision even if a million years were granted... That theory is made for scientists not to question the making of the universe and its various components as they are clueless...

Destination Infinity

Chrysalis said...

DI : If one was to believe the theory of evolution why have we not evolved in so many years now???
Agreed I too do not believe that theory.

J P Joshi said...

I too believe in Him, and His creation.

While living in Canada, I was always fascinated by the spring and fall seasons..nature would conjure up such beautiful images, and in a great hurry, because it knew that it had only five months to go through the cycle of creation...fall is absolutley divine, as far as colours go.

We are in Toronto and have seen the colours change this year...honestly, your photographs do some justice to the changing colours. Yes, only a divine hand can be so colourful and on such a scale.