Sunday, May 10, 2009

Matree Devobhava

Well, hubby and I are no big fans of "Days" like Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Friendship Day..............days galore which are over commercialized are not our cup of tea. Simply because as Indians and very importantly as followers of Vedic Philosophy, we value our relationships with friends,parents,spouse etc. and strive everyday in both big and small ways to strengthen these bonds. We sincerely thank God for all our loved ones. My son during the Sayen' Prarthana (evening prayer) says his 8 'Bodhvachan', of which one is "Matreedevo Bhava". Loosely translated it means "Respect your mother because she is just like God". Personally this particular bodhvachan reminds me of my position of power and immense responsibility.

Our Family principles aside I have to talk about my 2 tiny tots. Since this blog is primarily a legacy for my children... I believe they will know what their mother was like in her 20s, 30s and 40s............There are photographs to show them what I looked like and these blogs to help them take a peek into their Ma's mind.

Since we are temporarily stationed in the US where Mother's days is a big thing we did what the locals do.."Jaisa desh waisa bhesh". My 2 yr. old daughter attends a 45 mins. story time and craft session in the local library. No points for guessing that this week her craft was a Mothers Day card. I did most of the cutting,and pasting and she did the scribbling (cannot define it as coloring) on the card with crayons. After our combined efforts she turned around and handed me the card shouting happily "Happy Birthday"!!!The one event she most associates with cards and gifts.

My 4 year old son attends a pre-school and the Mother's day craft was a big thing there for the past several weeks. There was a lot of secrecy involved. He finally walked home on Friday with a little square package wrapped in purple paper, adorned with paper flowers and gay ribbons. With a stern look on his face, he told me I could not open it till Sunday. Early Sunday morning he excitedly and with some trepidation gave me permission to unwrap the precious package. He waited with baited breath and a little finger in his mouth as I opened my gift. His anxiety and the gift both took my breath away. It is a small square cardboard, with his hand print in blue, with little yellow and orange flowers stuck around the border. There is also a poem by Mia Pinson Roylco which brought me to tears. Read On:

A Child's Hands

Tiny fingerprints on the wall
A broken window from a bouncing ball
A bandage wrapped around a thumb
Fingers sticky from bubblegum

Flowers clutched in a tiny hand
Castles built from playground sand
A cup of milk spilled on the floor
A crayon masterpiece on the the door

A soft caress on Mommy's cheek
A baby's game of hide and seek
A hug in daddy's arms, "So tight!"
A story-time snuggle in bed each night

Although for now my hands are small
Someday soon, I'll grow quite tall
So hold me close another day
And cherish all I do and say!

Needless to say there followed a round of hugs and kisses after this. A heartfelt thanks to his teachers. Mothers day or no Mothers day I love this gift and will forever cherish it. I plan to frame it and put it up where I can look at it everyday, to remind me of the fact that my babies are growing up .....way too fast!


Poonam J said...

I too have imprints of my sons hands at 4, given in one of The schools in USA, where we were posted for sometime...I have it on the wall besides me...too lil hands, with a lovely poem.....All of 24 he is now...I cherish him and his gift...His Poem is...
Here my handprints are done
For everyone to view
I had so much fun
Doing this for you.
So look upon this handprint plaque
Hanging on your wall
And memories will come back
Of me when I was small.
Everytime I look at it...I always miss a beat, get a lump and yes tears too well up....yes cherish all that he does and say..time you and the little ones.

Kislay said...

Beautiful post .

"There are photographs to show them what I looked like and these blogs to help them take a peek into their Ma's mind."

That is a wonderful reason to blog . I wished my mother too , even though I do not approve of these hallmark holidays , but I did not say "Happy Mother's Day" to her . Instead , I used these words - "Matritva divas par mera natmastak pranaam" . :D

Ashwadhy said...

Aaahw.... So sweet! And what a wonderful reason to blog. Enjoyed reading it!

manju said...

Nice post! Glad you had an enjoyable Mother's Day!

Daneb said...

really r so so sweet...hw i wished i hd kids....!!!

Kislay said...

Your latest post "India United" is not showing up .

Chrysalis said...

Kislay I actually published it and then removed it because I wrote it in anger and it lacked coherence. Will add it tonight or tomorrow.

Anrosh said...

i like the reason you blog.

Anonymous said...

aww that is so cute:))
(((hugs))for your lil darlings:)

I loved the reason why you blog..just as Anrosh has said too:)

the poem is beautiful indeed an dyes brought tears ....can imagine how a mom must feel looking at her kids :))

Anonymous said...

hmm I was wondering about the India united post too then saw your reply to Kislay...will wait for it:))I love all the posts..Kislay's ,Anrosh's ,Smitha's and now waiting for yours:)))

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! I don't believe in these 'hallmark' days either... I would love to celebrate my mother every day, if I could :) 'Matree Devobhava' - sp true.. Your children are lucky to have you as a mother!

I was wondering about your 'India United' post - I had read it but when I came here to comment - it was gone:( Waiting for it!

Chrysalis said...

Poonam Ji: Thanks for all the hugs. Back at ya. Your peom made me cry all over again.

Kislay. Thanks. Good for you for the pranaam-paati u did n Mothe's day :)

Ashwadhy: Thank you. The reason I blog is motivation enough to take out time to do it depsite a crazy schedule with 2 kids under 4.

Manju ji: Thank you. I did have a nice day.

Daneb: Thanks. Kids are sweet but other people's kids are always sweeter, mainly because you dont have to take them home with you ;)

Anrosh : Thanks. And yes it keeps me going.

Indyeah: Thanks. Ya the poem is too sweet and touching.

Smitha: Thanks. I am a typical young mom ...not so sure-footed and guilty that I maybe doing things wrong. So not so certain about my kids being lucky but I am trying.

Amit said...

I understand and agree with your concerns about commercialized holidays, but we can always find a non-commercialized way to celebrate them too, since as you said, jaisa des vaisa bhes.