Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A and A Celebrating Janamashtami

Janamashtami, the festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna is truly a special day. His life, his message is for all humanity. Shree Krishna was dear to young and old alike.
My own A and A are big fans of Shri Krishna, reading and re-reading stories of his life. They started their day, this Janamashtami by thinking about Shree Krishna's life and his message.
Here is their take on Shree Krishna's life and message :

Today it is Janamashtami. It is a birthday of a special avatar and his name is Krishna. His birthday is mostly celebrated on August. He is a very special avatar to us.
One scary part of his life is, that there was an evil snake called Kalia. Whenever someone came to drink water from Yamuna River everyone got poisoned and died.
His Uncle Kansa was so mean and greedy that Krishna had to kill him.
Another incident was stealing Makhan(butter). Krishna did not steal Makhan, for no reason. It was for a very good reason. He did it because everyone was giving the butter to Kansa and not to the children.
Another incident of his life was that he had a friend called Sudama. Krishna saw so much love in Sudama,  that he gave his own palace to him.
If we love God, he will give us everything.
Happy Janamashtami to All of You.

By Little A ( 6 yrs)

Today it is a special day. It is Janamashtami. Janamashtami is the day Krishna was born. Krishna was a great person and he did great things in life to teach us how to live our lives.
Krishna was an Avatar and his message to us is mainly : That if we are united, together we can destroy evil and make a change in the world.

Here is an example of an incident in his life: Pootna was a demon, Kansa had sent to kill Krishna. Pootna disguised herself into a village woman. Krishna was very young and cute at that time. Pootna reached Krishna's house. Somehow she got a chance to be alone with Krishna, but Krishna sensed danger. She already had her breast smeared with poison. However Pootna was no comparison for Krishna. Young Krishna suckled at her breast and Pootna died. This teaches us that whatever form danger comes in, be alert and face it.

When Krishna was a boy , he was very mischievous. He used to steal Makhna/ Butter from the Gopis houses. Although he had a reason. The reason was that everyday the Gopis had to sell the Makhan in Mathura. So Krishna's friends barely got any butter, curd or milk to eat and drink. So Krishna taught everyone that children need to play  and eat well too.

There is another event that took place in Krishna's life. . Kansa was an evil man. Krishna was his biggest enemy. Kansa was also Krishna's Mama. So did Krishna not fight? No! he was brave and vanquished his Uncle. This teaches us even if someone close to us is spreading evil in the society, we still have to fight them. 

Another event which teaches us a lot involves Arjun. Arjun before the Battle of Kurukshetra. Both Arjun and Duryodhan were at Krishna's Palace. Krishna said Duryodhan and Arjun had a choice. They could choose between him and a million soldiers. Arjun immediately answered ," I don't want a million soldiers, I just want you". Duryodhan thought a million soldiers was better and later lost.
This teaches you to have Faith in God. If God is on your side, you will win.

Lastly, Arjun was on the battlefield and the battle was about to start. But Arjun's hands were trembling. The thought of fighting his Uncles and cousins scared him. Then Krishna sang the 'Bhagvad Geeta' and all his fears went. He bravely fought and Krishna remained his great friend.

There is also one more thing to remember: Life is like a Game, you win some and lose some, but you should never give up.

Happy Janamashtami!

By Big A ( Turning 9 next month )


Ankita Baru said...

Brilliant stuff. So proud of the kids

Malvika Williams said...

Thank you, Your help is appreciated, and keep up the awesome work man! Thanks very much for putting the effort into making this happen! Thank you very much for the help for Maternity salwar kameez! I really appreciate you taking the time to give some direction!