Friday, February 10, 2012

All in a Few Moments of Play

We kicked off the Half-Term Break today. Enjoying the snow covered landscape from the comforts of a well heated home, it could not have been better. After the serious task of penning down our targets, both learning targets and fun targets for the 10 day long holiday, it was playtime. And Mommy had no way of escaping it.

Being the clever Mommy that she is, she decided to use the game to her advantage. The children were gently prodded to play Doctors and convinced that they should be the "Massage Doctors" while Mommy could be the achy patient. Below are the hilarious, snatches of the conversation between the clever Mommy-The Achy- Patient while being massaged by the two gullible Doctors.

Scene 1: The Diagnosis Begins and Words of Wisdom follow..

Doctor A1 : "When did this pain start?"
The Conniving Mom (CM): "Well the on-off pain in the legs and lower back started after my first baby"
At this without a word Doctor A2 takes it upon herself to whack the first born and the culprit here.

Doctor A1 after some thought and a moment of guilt advises : " I know it must have hurt to have that baby and that may make some people think they should not have babies, but if you think in your real heart, it is nice to have children"

Point taken Doctor. :)

Scene 2 : You can Run but you cannot Escape ....Old Age!!

Doctor A2 after spotting a gray strand or two, screams: " There is white in your hair!!!!"

The CM reminds herself  to stock up on hair dye.

Doctor A1 kindly whispering( so as not to hurt the patients feelings) to Doctor A2 : " She is old but she is still doing ok".

Doctor A1 to the Patient: " You are old but I am happy to tell you that you are lucky enough to still have many years to play with your children"

The CM says a silent prayer of thanks.

Scene 3 : Well at least Someone Gets It...

Doctor A1: "Are you a Mother of 2 kids?"
The CM: "Yes"
Doctor A1: "Then I advise you to have weekly massages"
The CM to herself "Hell Yeah!"

Scene 4 :Foot in the mouth moment for the Conniving Mommy

The CM : "Any medical advise Doctor? "
Doctor A1: "You could lose some weight"

Scene 5 Payback for The Conniving Mommy; Embarass her Time

Doctor A2: "Can I style the hair on your legs?"
Note to myself: winter does not mean, you do not wax.

Scene 6: The Final Word.

Doctor A1: "You are old, but not that old and you still have loads of years to live"

The CM : Hallelujah!!!!

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Amrita said...

Oh thats immensely cute! :)