Thursday, August 26, 2010


An excerpt of an article I am working on which is refelective of the growing frustartion of my people the Dogras and other ethnicities like Kashmiri Pandits, Ladakhis, Sikhs living in Jammu and Kashmir. In a clear absence of a forum where we can be heard I am writing this. We are not invisible and we will not be voiceless........

The Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, a Dogra signs the Instrument of Accession, Nehru, a Kashmiri Pandit blunders afterwards and yet amongst all…the Dogras (Hindus and Muslims) , the Kashmiri Pandits, Ladakhis( Buddhists), Gujjars(Muslims), Bakerwals (Muslims), Sikhs. Paharis, Poonchis (Muslims and Hindus) it is only one group which asks for Azadi and Autonomy or accession to Pakistan!!! Has anyone questioned why? Has anyone demanded to hear from the other actors of this high strung drama?
We the Dogras have always been voiceless. The Kashmiri Pandits who did manage to get well deserved sympathy after the mass exodus are becoming victims of weak memories and are out-shouted by their brothers who continue to live in the Valley.

I am a generation who has grown up witnessing and hearing about gross injustices playing out in the state. Despite being a larger geographical area and with a greater population the Jammu Region has only 37 seats compared to the 47 from the valley. 70% of the government jobs go to the Kashmiris as opposed to all the other communities from the state. All the money flowing into the state goes to the valley. Kashmiri ad hoc government employees earn more than their Dogra counterparts. The Valley wants the Central University and IIM (Indian Institute of Management) to come up in Srinagar as opposed to Jammu or Ladakh. They created a hue and cry to oppose it coming up in Jammu!!
We have seen systematic ethnic cleansing in the valley. We have witnessed the Kashmiri Pandit exodus from the valley and the massacre of the Sikhs in Chattisinghpora. We are aware of the continued threat to the Hindus, Sikhs and any India supporter. I have heard of my people complaining that we are suffering the mistakes committed by Nehru. We have suffered terribly under the draconian Article 370. I know Ladakhis do not want to be administered by the Kashmiris from the valley. On one hand a Dogra girl will have no right to property in her home state if she marries a non-state subject, even if it is a Dogra from Himachal Pradesh or Punjab. And on the other hand grooms from POK and Pakistan are brought into the state under any pretext. Sometime back there was even a discussion in the Assembly that a non domicile daughter in law should lose her right to property in the state in the eventuality of the demise of her husband. Is this not a gross violation of basic human rights? The Kashmiris from the valley are buying lands and apartments all around me in Jammu but I cannot dare to do the same in the valley. Is this not an extension of subtle but sure ethnic cleansing?

On what grounds is it justified that just one of the many players gets to decide that they want to break away? After the systematic cleansing of the Kashmiri Pandit after torture, killing, rapes and worse how can one expect a fair plebiscite and a just demand for autonomy?


sandeep said...

come on girl every one is aware of the inherent contradictions & unrealistic nature of the demands being made by Kashmiri Muslims.As for us there is no need to act like victims or indulge in counter propaganda.I agree all stake holders should be heard & not just those who can shout louder on the streets.But this is not the time, ignoring a child throwing tantrums is the best way to bring him about.Have faith in the traditional Indian resilience to tide over current storm.

sandeep said...
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Chrysalis said...

@Sandeep: I am not playing victim here. But portraying the real picture. And have you been following the news no one is "ignoring" the child who is throwing tantrums...they are baou to give in to the many is high time the people who have been suffering under the Draconian Article 370 atleast tell their story too. Atleast thats my belief.

bobby said...
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sandeep khajuria said...

Oye Kudiye, hyperbolic rhetoric can never drown deep rooted feelings of perceived injustice. Some issues are best left alone.Like a car on idle it will eventually run out of gas.BTW whom are u targeting we know it & they do not care.What happened to the proud homemaker & happy mamma she used to sound much better. The new found Dogra jingoism does'nt suit u.
Enjoy the Goraland; for rest of us, the burden of their legacy shall have to be borne for some more years.

Chrysalis said...

@ Chachu: Your concern is touching :) Dont worry I am a proud and happy in all that u mention and have not turned into a ranting and raving individual...I have always been this way :)
No seriously its a part of my legacy too and being away from the home state does not that change it at all. In fact I face the identity crisis at closer quarters and Article 370 affects me in a big way!
This article was a rejoinder to this article
Dogra jingoism is the need of the hour ...I have friends asking me to tell my side of the story for they do not even know it exists.
I am a follower of Vedaant and hold Gita in the highest esteem and hence I dont care ki kuchh farak nahin padta aise bolne se...I will do my bit ..can't control the "Phal".
U will not beleive it but its even worse in the Goraland...every other day free Kashmir of Indian occupation etc etc and Indian Army is....ka placards in front of yahaan wahaan...etc etc
So no one is stopping me from expressing myself grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! :)

sandeep khajuria said...

My MY I did provoke u.With a mouse in hand u do sound like an angry man.I guess the Rajputana Lineage from Mayank's side is finally showing on u.Its really ironic that people in India keep dreaming about Foreign lands & once they go there all they can think about is the motherland. Go Ahead & blog them down by all means.As for me, I dare not face your angry retorts w/o brushing up on the Gita & Vedaant.
Frankly I don't even know what Vedaant stands for.
take care & bye

Chrysalis said...

@ Chachu: Seriously I have always been like this all my life :) it in India where I spent 26 + yrs of my life...and does spending the last few yrs abroad does make me less Indian? And please what could be more Indian than the TATA's ..the employer!!
I am an Indian and nothing changes that.

And as far as Vedaant goes its a philosophy...and this philosophy I attempt to practice is uncorrupted by the inane rituals and lies that have crept into our religion over time. I am trying to be a practicing follower of Vedaant and not just a Hindu for identity purposes. And anyways Hindu is a term given by the British.

Without that kind of dirt there is nothing else but to be bedazzled by the Vedic Philosophy ! Thanks to my father's inclinations and knowledge I was introduced to it at an early age and now with a Teacher/Guru things have become only easier. Otherwise where else do we have an easy access to the authentic scriptures and their translations...or even the time to read and understand them ...forget practicing it...

It helps me a lot...that is all I can say.

Chrysalis said...

@Chachu: The latest post is esp for you :) maybe it will throw some light upon Vedaant..I am not an expert but a believer definitely.