Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some random but angry thoughts....

The media is as bad as the politicians....During the Kargil conflict, Indian Army sources repeatedly complained to Barkha Dutt and her channel that she was giving away locations in her broadcasts, thus causing Indian casualties.
Do they learn from their mistakes NO
1.Hemant Karakre dies tahnks to their footage of him entering the hotel
2. DNA India reports about a UK couple ask media to report carefully:
The terrorists were watching CNN and they came down from where they were in a lift after hearing about us on TV.
— Lynne Shaw in an interview.
3.In one instance BD asks a husband about his wife being stuck, or held as a hostage. The poor guy adds in the end about where she was last hiding. Aired! thank NDTV for not censoring this bit of information.
In another instance, a General sort of suggests that there were no hostages in Oberoi Trident. (Clever.) Then, our BD calls the head of Oberoi, and the idiot confirms a possibility of 100 or more people still in the building.
Where are the ethic here.....aren't the security of the victime and the defense personnel involved of primary importance ....should the media not have sense to withold key information....and please the lame excuse that after Karkare's death TV 's were put off in the hotel....did anyone hear of SMS's or what not............

In the Enough is Enough Panel Discussion "moderated" by Barkha Dutt the panelists are Luke Kenny Kunal Kohli, Simi Grewal??????????????????????????????????????????
what is this??????????????????????????some bollywood take off on the tragedy................who wants to hear what they have to say..............

Such gems we have collected:

1. RR Patil
2. Deshmukh
3. Kerala CM who is refusing to apologize to Major Unnikrishnan's family for his deragatory remarks
4. Bharatiya Janata Party leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, on Monday, came up with a gem equating people protesting against politicians as terrorists.
5.Earlier Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had offered money to the widow of slain Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Kemant Karkare whom he had branded a villain just a few days ago
6. Amar Singh doing much the same in the case Delhi Police Inspector RC Sharma.


Megha Bansal said...

Indian media is like the little kid who learnt how to act by watching movies and then decides to join films and hams.
Media is often said to have no scruples, will do anything for a story it is often said. But this time, they have gone just too far. They have learnt nothing. I am so surprised that Pranab Roy doesn't reign in BD. sh

Chrysalis said...


So true though sagarika ghose and the rest are no better....war mongering is what they are indulging in....only interested in TRP ratings...Sick

Nitin Bhat said...

the blog has valid points.. In my opinion, Times Now was guarded in its response.. all others were trying to glamourize this whole event.. Maybe a media regulator can help, but this needs to be enforced by channels themselves, not the govt..

Renu said...

very relevant post, I always felt that and wondered why all the news is always shered with media..be it qany investigation , murder or about national security..sometimes jeopardising the operation or putting many lives at peril.
BTW came here from Piper(liked your comment there:)

Dr. Ranu Sinha said...

Discussion forums and inviting panelists are easy to conduct events. We do understand that unless a problem is highlighted by media, solutions are difficult. But the responsibility of media needs to go beyond that. I liked the documentary “Sicko” by Michael Moore as he took pains to help the victims of the American medical insurance system.