Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Proud of America Today!!!

History has been made today. A triumph for America and in many ways for the world too.The Americans have risen above race and voted for Barrack Obama, an African American, as the 44th President of America.

The Americans showed today that the color of the skin was not an issue for them. I was profoundly affected by what civil rights activists had to say. Especially Civil Rights activists who fought for equal rights and thought that they would not live to see an African American run for the President's office let alone win it. The sight of Jesse Jackson crying silently, moved me, as did the look of awe, hope,and renewed faith in the eyes of so many African Americans. This emotion is not limited to the African Americans though and is shared by one and all...a belief that dreams can and do come true.

A quick observation: Loved McCain's extremely gracious speech and equally loved Obama's victory speech, which filled and I guess many others with hope,hope for a better future, a better world.

As an an Indian and more importantly a Global Citizen,it was key for me that Mr. obama made a reference to climate change, terrorism and the importance of democracy and universal peace.

Its late and I am riding high on the euphoria all around. I have to say, that I am so proud of America today. I wish Mr. Obama, and America all the best, and pray for peace and harmony for the world.

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