Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I, Me Myself

I, Me Myself is a title I choose at the risk of seeming like an egoistic,narcissistic, self centered, individual. But though I have always enjoyed attention(ever since my wanting to fade into the wallpaper childhood and schooldays) I have never really done anything stupid (I hope so) to get it. I believe and its purely my opinion there are subtler, graceful ways to do it. I am not the loudmouthed variety. But cannot resist from giving an opinion on any matter that is at any level comprehensible to me. I am, I think a very passionate person and dislike sitting on the fence kinda people. I enjoy the company of people who take a stand, however different it might be from mine.

Anyways on the subject of self centered I think I am not ...because for the last 6.5 years I have been doing a lot of bending, compromising, adjusting all in the name of love and family...not too many regrets, though there have been many dark moments where I have resented the very source of all this change. I am a mother of two now and its very difficult to be a mother and be self absorbed. You don't have the time for that kind of self indulgence. And since I love to read and write( my parting gifts to all me friends have usually been long letters and funny and forced to rhyme poems) and believe this is one of the ways to hang on to the remnants of the person I was and want to be. I dedicate this blog to my classmate whose blog I read today, loved it and decided to not procrastinate any longer. So here it is and here I am.


Piper .. said...

:-)) if I`m tht classmate in mention, I`m honoured! Truly! Looking fwd to reading your posts. Keep writing..

Manu Khajuria said...

yes u r that classmate and I look forward to your feedback