Saturday, March 14, 2015

Childspeak on Mother's Day

Mothers Matter- by Abhiraj Singh (Age10)

Mother's Day is an international event celebrating our Mothers and all that they do for us. Throughout the World many people today gift their Mothers cards, flowers, gifts and even hugs! I am sanguine that many people must be planning to surprise their Mothers today.

The purpose of Mothers Day is to remind people of the greatness and compassion of Mothers. Our Mothers give us unconditional love and predominantly Life. Without these blessings where would we be? Sometimes we forget about all that our Mothers give us, however on Mothers Day, millions of hardworking, kind and amazing Mothers are recognized for their wonderful deeds in life. Today, on 15th of March we will show our gratitude towards our Mothers. We could express our gratefulness by even simply helping our Mums!

Depressingly, despite the fact that people know what their Mothers have done for them, they cruelly send their Mothers to homes for the elderly where they maybe mistreated. After several years of happy Mom-time, some heartless people send their Mothers as if she was a package being posted, unnoticed and uncared for. One of the many reasons people send their Mothers off to an elderly home is because they unjustly assume that keeping an old Mother with them is a waste of time, food and money. Although they sound comfy and caring, homes for the elderly in reality can be a sad place to live.
Primarily elders such as our Moms love us unconditionally and do not under any circumstances want to leave and live away from us.
Secondly Carers who work for a salary, may handle our frail Mothers roughly and hurt them.
Finally forcing our Mother to live somewhere uncomfortable and unfamiliar and in a place where anything could happen, is just irresponsible and vicious. Plain vicious!

Even though some people are unkind towards their Mothers, there are many children who amuse and please their Mothers with tricks and jokes and lots of love.
Sadly for those without a Mother, Mothers Day is a painful day, a reminder of their big loss. This is why we, in our not very long life, should take every opportunity to count our blessing that come in a Mother's disguise.

Personally, and like most children I think my Mum is awesome, perfect and great. She is a great role model. She made a big decision about staying at home to look after me and it has benefitted me. It helps me in my studies, plus it meant I could spend lots of time learning from her and playing and having fun with her. My Mum is the smartest, bravest and the most beautiful person ever. I know she will always love me and I will always love her.

 In the end for all Mothers, a Shloka from an ancient Stotra:

 Kuputro Jayet, kwachidapi KuMata na bhavati

A Son can be bad,  but a bad Mother, can never be.

For My Ma - By Megha Basu (Age 11)
From my heart, I want to say,
For me, you are brighter than the day,
The World would've been so very bare,
Thank you Ma for being there.
You are the one who gave me Life,
Bearing all the pain, hard to describe
I came to you in the month of November,
Your smell is the first thing I remember.
Ma, my tears give you pain,
When I smile, you smile again,
If I am troubled, you can't sleep,
Sitting beside me you silently weep.
You have been my pillar of strength,
Telling me to fight and rise again,
Honesty is what you have taught me,
That is how I always will be.
Your praises fill me up with joy,
Your trust in me I will never destroy,
I cannot imagine a life without you,
Hold my hand while I pass through.
Your lap is my place to hide,
When I am scared or cast aside,
The World would have been so very bare,
Thank You Ma for being there.



Mummy Oh Mummy!!  - Acrostic Poem by Anjika Singh (Age 8)
 M y Mummy cares.
O h Mummy! what would I do without you?
T he only thing that cheers me up is you.
H appiness is being with you.
E verlasting love is what ties us.
R espect you, I always will.

Letter to My Mummy - By Ira Angre ( Age Almost 9)

My Dearest Mummy,

You are the light of my Life, which shines brighter when you speak. For me you are the World. I love you so much. I love you more than ice-cream. I love you more than anything in the World. I love your cooking. It make me eat more. You shout for my good, so that I can go on the correct path instead of taking the wrong turn. You are also very strict for our good. You brought us up and gave birth to us which we appreciate. You always are concerned for me. You don't want to see me in a bad mood, always a happy smile.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I Love you.



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